It's a wonderful life alongside my best friend- who became my husband in May 2018. We had a dreamy Sunday brunch wedding in our favorite city, Charleston, S.C. and it was truly the most perfect day for us.
At the moment we are calling Alexandria, VA home but weddings take me all over and I wouldn't have it any other way.
No matter what your story is, I want to hear more and help capture the moments that mean the most to you. It is such an honor to be able to witness and preserve the beauty of your milestones.

A quiet afternoon with a book and cup of tea.

Walking to a coffee shop on a Saturday morning. 

Traveling. It makes me feel small.


Quality time with my closest friends and family.

Snuggly blankets, lots and lots of them.


When my clients become dear friends.

Lists. To-do, pro/con. It's how I deal with the tiny bits and also big life decisions.

I love...

Hi, I'm Sydney

Relaxed, yet refined is my approach when photographing and that's how I hope you will see yourselves when looking back on your images. I photograph and edit with emphasis on true to life colors, with a touch of my personal light and bright style. 

I am an extremely sentimental person and find that is has helped shape me into a photographer that serves and captures life's big and small moments, so well. While my camera is present, they are photographs. But immediately after they turn into memories and heirlooms.