Meet Syd



So glad you stopped by!


I’m Sydney! Currently living my best life alongside my best friend- who became my husband in May 2018!

Sooo I’m obsessed with love stories. Whether you’ve been together for 3 months, 10 years or anything in between- I want to hear more about you and help capture the moments that mean the most to you! My heart skips a beat when a couple or family allows me to be a part of such special milestones in their lives.

I am a social butterfly and soo much enjoy becoming friends with all of my couples! I feel beyond blessed that this job has allowed to to travel and meet clients who so easily become friends. Growing as a photographer has given me allll the joy and building relationships while capturing beautiful lives and moments is such a dream and passion of mine.

I’m a mountain girl who’s happy place is the beach. Trying desperately to become a dog person (for the sake of my husband) and am constantly thanking Jesus every day for the MANY blessings in my life. I also LOVE traveling, cake, and making to-do lists.

Want to grab coffee and chat? I’d love to connect and hear about YOU!